Carrie Stevens Dedication Fly- The Black Pearl

This is my new streamer dedicated to Carrie Stevens, creator of the Rangeley style streamer. It was created using alot of common elements found in her custom fly designs. Many of her designs incorporated a flat tinsel tag and rib, over a floss body. I refer to this as a C.S. “common”.  For example, this fly has a common body in pink with gold…..meaning the body is pink floss with a flat gold tinsel tag and rib. She often tied a belly of 4-6 peacock herl with white bucktail tied in underneath.

I selected colors from fashions typical of her era, classic gray, black, and golden yellow since Carrie was a milliner. The shoulder is guinea fowl, commonly used in millinery pieces and representative of her “pearls”. The floss body is pastel pink as Carrie was said to have a sweet and kind demeanor.

The golden pheasant crest throat and topping were a material used in her most famous fly of all, the Gray Ghost.

My next post will include the recipe and a really easy tip for managing that unruly golden pheasant crest!


4 thoughts on “Carrie Stevens Dedication Fly- The Black Pearl

  1. xe2cift says:

    Nicely done, looking forward to tying some.

  2. Thanks! There will be a recipe posted soon!

  3. Sharon says:

    Beautiful, Sharon! An excellent “tribute” to Carrie…she would be proud.

  4. Thanks, Sharon! I wet this streamer at Grand Lake Stream and I gotta tell you… sure looks great in the water!

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