Nine-Three Streamer

Nine-Three Streamer

This popular Maine pattern was created by Dr. J. Hubert Sanborn of Waterville, Maine. It is a classic smelt imitation named for the first salmon caught on it by the good doctor. It weighed nine pounds, three ounces!
This pattern is often dressed in tandem or traditional feather-wing style but the original pattern called for “three medium green saddle hackles tied on flat”. This gives the fly alot of action in the water indeed, making it a deadly temptation for unsuspecting trout, togue, bass, and landlocked salmon.
Here’s the classic recipe-

Nine-Three Streamer

Hook: 8XL streamer hook, size 8-2
Thread: Black 6/0 (70 denier)
Body: Flat silver tinsel
Wing: Sparse white bucktail extending beyond the bend, over which are three medium green saddle hackles tied on flat, over which are two natural black hackles tied on upright. (the hackles and bucktail should be the same length)
Cheek: Jungle cock

3 thoughts on “Nine-Three Streamer

  1. xe2cift says:

    Very first streamer I tied, only I tied it wrong apparently ! lol Your’s is really nice.

  2. Thank you! Most folks tie it with the wings upright. I thought everyone would like to see how it was originally designed.

  3. jayjayare says:

    Sharon, this is the pattern I asked about at the show in Marlborough. Thank you so much for your gracious and generous efforts to point me in the right direction. I have since purchased the Bates book and a few other Rangely books. I love the skill and artistry you bring to your work and you now have a BIG new fan! Jonathan Rosen,

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