Little Mermaid School Challenge

Little Mermaid School

1. Tie a Little Mermaid streamer using my pattern recipe and mail it to me by Oct. 31st.
2. Include a COMPLETE “printed” name and address INSIDE the envelope with your entry.
3. All entries will be on display in a frame at any of the Fly Fishing Shows I attend this season.
4. Any tier can submit an entry, but only one entry per person.
5. All entries must be tied by the person submitting them.
6. Reasonable substitutes for materials will be accepted and are listed with the pattern.
7. Flies will NOT be returned HOWEVER, there will be a drawing for a few small prizes including a Sharon E. Wright signed original presentation streamer, Whiting American Rooster Saddle, 2014 Fly Tyer magazines, and who knows what else will be tossed in!

Here’s the recipe-

Little Mermaid

Hook: Standard streamer hook, size 12-2 ( I tie these mostly in sizes 8 and 6, on hooks 6XL or 7XL for casting)
Tag: Flat gold tinsel
Rib: Flat gold tinsel
Body: Pink floss (sub.-pink yarn or chenille)
Belly: White bucktail (sub.-white hair)
Underwing: Krystal Flash in “peacock” (10-12 strands) (sub.- peacock herl or rainbow color Krystal Flash)
Wing: Gray saddle hackle flanked by grizzly hackle (sub.-white and grizzly, 4 grizzly, or tan and grizzly)
Shoulder: Mallard flank (sub.-teal, pale Hungarian partridge, pale gray hen tips, white wood duck breast feather)
Cheek: Jungle cock (sub. starling, synthetic jungle cock, or synthetic eye of any kind)

Send to:
Sharon E. Wright
1 Farnsworth St.
Lisbon, Me. 04250

3 thoughts on “Little Mermaid School Challenge

  1. Colleen Lahey says:

    Sharon, I was wondering if you could provide some aid. Recently, my husband, Richard Soucy, purchased your book ” Typing Heritage Featherwing Streamers” which he loves. You recommend in the book using Flytyer’s WET CEMENT from Anglers Corner. We have tried many internet searchers and are unable to locate this product nor Anglers Corner. Could you provide us some direction as to where we can find this product? He wants to try some of the patterns you have in your book.

    • Hi Colleen,
      First, let me thank you for purchasing my first book! I initially ordered this cement from a shop out west. I was quite pleased to discover that they have it in the Hunt/Fish dept. at the LLBean store in Freeport, Maine. I don’t know if this helps. I’m sure an internet search will pull up something. If I hear of somewhere else I’ll let you know. As a substitute you CAN use Dave’s Fleximent but you’ll need to let it thicken up a bit first. Enjoy the book and I’d love to see the streamers after.

      • Colleen Lahey says:

        Thank you for responding so quickly. We will be making a trip to LL Bean shortly. P.S. My husband said to tell you that your book is EXCELLENT!!!!

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