Chief Worumbo

Chief Worumbo

Chief Worumbo (Chief Worumbo of the Sabattus) was a local native American chief of the Abenaki tribe. He was initially known for his friendly negotiations with the first settlers here in my home town of Lisbon, Maine. However, during the Indian uprisings he became an enemy to the whites. It’s said that one night he was fooled by the local settlers, became confused, and his canoe was swept over the falls of the Androscoggin at Little River. He was never seen again.
The great Worumbo Mill, where fine woolens were manufactured for many years, was given his name. The mill is for sale and its future is uncertain. Like the multitudes of salmon that once filled the waters of this great river, it too might fade into lore, becoming only a story of bygone days.

4 thoughts on “Chief Worumbo

  1. Susan says:

    That is a beauty! Love the story of the Chief

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  2. This is one of my favorite designs. The pattern will be included in my book. Thanks!

    • Ron says:

      Thank you so much for your book. I tied 50 or so of Carrie’s patterns couple winters back. Very frustrated, I soon turned to making the wings separate. Your book is complete in so many ways esp. adding the throat, which I never could get right, also when adding the wings trimming the butt ends. Your tip on using a steam iron is brilliant. I’m off to tie a number of your creations starting with the Black Pearl. Thank you, Ron

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