L.L.Bean 100th Anniversary Streamer

L.L.Bean 100th Anniversary Streamer

Here is a close-up of the L.L.Bean streamer, framed and presented to L.L.Bean on March 17th at the L.L.Bean Spring Fishing Weekend. It will be featured on the cover of Fly Tyer magazine’s summer issue which will also feature an article I’ve written about my custom designs, including photos.
I’d also like to mention a HUGE thanks to David Klausmeyer for the beautiful photo and unwaivering support.

9 thoughts on “L.L.Bean 100th Anniversary Streamer

  1. Ralf Schloss says:

    Awesome tie. I’ll be anticipating my summer issue with bated breath. Your streamer shows that you are really worthy of the honor of making the cover of Fly Tyer. Will L.L.Bean use your streamer as their poster fly ?

    • Thank you for the compiment, Ralf. I am so excited to have the fly on the cover of such a great magazine. There will be some others included with the article as well. So I don’t know about a poster fly (lol) but the fly WILL be archived in the L.L.Bean collection. It is truly an honor and privilege to have it included. Thanks for following my blog.

      • Ralf Schloss says:

        That’s awesome, I have several flies archived at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum. I feel fortunate to be able to tie there when I can. It’s a 6 hour round trip for me. Hope to make it up to Maine this summer if I’m still in the states.

  2. Joe Cordeiro says:

    Sharon … NICE TIE ! Very wonderful to wacth your growth and enjoy your adventure.
    Joe Cordeiro

  3. Brian Williams says:

    Beautiful fly! Would you share the recipe of materials you used?

    Thanks, Brian

  4. SwittersB says:

    Truly beautiful tying and photography!

  5. Dick Avery says:

    NICE ! Love that “Carrie” look. Just spent a week on the Kennabago.. and on a rainy day we took in the OSHM where “all” of the patterns Carrie tyed are on exhibt. A must when in the Rangley area. would like to tie up a few for myself and friends… Please give us the recipe ? Tks Dick Avery
    Cornish Falt, NH

  6. Hi Dick, sounds like you had quite a trip!
    This fly was tied for L.L.Bean. Because of licensing the recipe won’t be available……sorry. There IS a great pattern on the blog however, the Black Pearl. It’s the pattern I custom designed as a tribute to Carrie Stevens. The materials are all common and it’s great in the water. I’ll be offering more classes on Rangeley streamers in the fall as well.

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