Gator Clips

Gator Clips

While I was at the Fly Fishing Show at Marlborough and Somerset this year several people asked me about my “gator clips”. As you can see in the pic they come in pretty handy when heads are drying and also for display. It’s easy to hand the fly over for viewing, it can be seen from all sides easily, and MUCH easier than passing over a size 20 for someone to get a look at. You can buy these already set in little weighted blocks but I prefer to make my own. You can buy the clips at the hardware store, but from experience I can tell you this…..if you can’t find them few folks will know them as “alligator clips”, which is what they actually are called. You’ll have better luck asking for “roach clips” (yeah, I know that’s funny) as everyone seems to know what that means. You can glue them onto dowels or stiff wire but you really need a stand with holes in it to keep them seperated. You’ll love having these on the tying bench too for hanging onto materials in between ties.

This is a pic of a Mickey Doodle streamer (in the works) and a few of my “double wing” fan wings all on my handy gator clips. Taken by Peter Frailey at the Marlborough show.

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