Lefty Kreh at the L.L.Bean Spring Fishing Expo

Lefty Kreh at the L.L.Bean Spring Fishing Expo

Two seasons ago I had the privilege of meeting the great flyfishing icon Lefty Kreh at the Expo at L.L.Bean. He was so gracious about chatting with me and sharing his knowledge of casting. He got me tied up in a few knots …..and stories….that’s Lefty for ya! He signed a book for me….something about a “shy” girl, and he doesn’t know it, but we’ve been pals ever since!
As a newcomer to this industry I find him so incredibly inspiring. He continues on….. not only sharing what he’s discovered over the years, but learning, adapting, growing, rethinking, revisiting, reinventing. We could all stand to learn not only from his experiences but from his willingness to continue to be “in the game”, to be open to sharing with all of us, those of us that he has so ably and kindly built that bridge for. So today, I thank you, Mr. Kreh….not just for myself but for all of the others that you’ve given your time and consideration to. I’ll see you at the Expo.

One thought on “Lefty Kreh at the L.L.Bean Spring Fishing Expo

  1. Tom Zacoi says:

    My name is Tom Zacoi and I’m the President of the Lefty Kreh Fan Club! I am also the curator of the Masters Fly Collection and I’d like to talk to you about obtaining one of your beautiful creations. How can I get in touch with you? Happy New Year.

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