Little River Streamer

This is an original streamer pattern named after the Little River in Lisbon Falls, Maine. At one point in time the area was divided and that portion was called the Little River Plantation. The Little River bordered the neighboring town. Nice little spot for small mouth and browns. (Of course, my best friend and I went swimming there on numerous occasions ignoring Mom’s warnings and threats!)

This streamer was originally tied without jungle cock cheeks and the hackle is a beautiful black with a dark irridescent green. The shoulder of yellow grizzly substituted for the barring on the jungle cock, presenting a nice contrast, making the fly effective without it. This particular hackle is difficult to obtain. I’ll introduce a substitute in the pattern recipe for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Hook- Mustad 3665A size 6-1/0

Thread- Black

Tag- Flat gold tinsel

Tail- Peacock sword

Body- Peacock herl

Belly- Yellow bucktail extending just beyond the bend of the hook

Hackle- White schlappen tied in as a throat

Underwing- White bucktail extending to the end of the tail

Wing- 2 Gray saddles over which are 2 irridescent black saddles

Opt: Wing-  2 Gray saddles over which are 2 black over which are 2 dark green saddles

Shoulder- Yellow grizzly hen tips

Opt: Cheek- Jungle Cock

Head- Black

Note: If you look closely at the belly you’ll see the uneven ends on the bucktail. This is intentional. Because the bucktail is very wiley I’ve left it “unstacked”. It makes for a more tapered presentation when wet. On presentation flies I stack it, but for fishing……UH, UH.

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