LLBean Spring Fishing Expo

I will be presenting several of my custom streamers at the LLBean Spring Fishing Expo this year! I’m excited to be included in their 100th Anniversary Celebration and I’m REALLY looking forward to spending the weekend with friends and my buds from the Hunt and Fish Lodge.

Some of you might know that I got my start in tying at the LLBean Friday night clinics. The people that work at Beans are a very talented crew even though most of them are pretty humble about it. They have given me endless amounts of support and encouragement, and for that I’ll always be grateful. They have classes that start every January, taught by the folks that work there. Any Friday night you can just show up with your vise and join in. Classes are at 7PM and a schedule is available upstairs in the fishing dept.  Maybe I should tell the vise story at some point…….

All that being said….it will be so cool to be there exhibiting and wrapping with my homies! For anyone who hasn’t seen my magical “wing-set”, feel free to ask at the show. I’d love to pass on my tricks and tips. Some of you have seen my “ghost”…….yes, I learned to tie THAT one there!

Carrie Stevens Streamers Collaborative Frames

Last summer I tied a set of collaborative frames with Don Bastian, 80 Carrie Stevens patterns in 4 Riker mounts, to be presented at shows over the course of the season. The work is overwhelmingly beautiful and was well received at all of the shows. It’s the kind of piece you work on, and work on, and then stand back and say….WOW!

I feel privileged to work with such an outstanding tier AND to present patterns originated by another Maine woman. I’d like to acknowledge Don’s contribution to this project not only as a tier but his knowledge of fly history and his thorough pattern research.

This is a pic that was taken by David Klausmeyer at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ. It gives you a pretty good idea of the volume and variation in this work. The set IS for sale after April 1st and can be reframed into hardwood if requested. The Rikers afforded an ease of mobility and transport, and frankly, just didn’t take up as much display space.